Tabl_ -like feature for vaSpaces/vaTables

You might know this nifty little tool called Tabl_

It’s a super quick and intuitive way to derive lists of object parameters. However, Tabl does not support any VA objects.
How about adding something similar to VA?
One of it’s advantages is to keeps the data in a floating panel. Only if needed can a table then be placed in the model space.

Hi @Eugen

Here is a small sneak preview of new table features of VisualARQ 3 WIP running in Rhino 8 WIP:




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Thanks for sharing! Looking good!

Some suggestions (not knowing what you have planned):

  • Could this new dialog be persistent and dockable, please, like the Levels or Sections panel?
    It would be really practical having the numbers in view during modelling. It’s cool that live update is already working!
  • The items in the list should be persistent across Rhino sessions (which they aren’t in Tabl_).
  • Is it really necessary to keep this “Specify a table style” dialog upfront?
    How about omitting this step, and adding another column to the new panel, where in the left column all VA object types that were selected are listed, and the ones chosen in this column would then display their parameters in the right column. Something like this.

When did you say you wanted to publish a VA3.0 WIP version?
Thanks a lot!

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Hi @Eugen,

The floating panel is just a panel like “Levels”, “Sections” or “Layers”, so it’s already dockable.

Items on the table are persistent. Currently you have to select them, but there will be a smart filter, so items will be selected automatically. For example, you will be able to create a table that shows all windows of an specified level that ha e a width greater than 1 meter.

Table styles currently are necessary, because in the table style you specify how the table should look like: fields, sort order, grouping, colors, text style…

We’re currently testing VisualARQ 3 WIP. We think it’s not stable enough to be published yet. There is no planned release date, sorry.