T-Splines Extrude Edges with Sharp vs Rounded Corner

Hi, I’m a T-Splines beginner here. Just encountered a weird problem while going through a tutorial.

Can someone explain to me why my corners are rounded while the tutorial’s corners are sharp when extruding an edge in T-Spline edit mode?

  • Ivan

you have to remove some creases ( there is a tool in the tsplines toolbar for that.

It’s actually from this tutorial on Youtube at 12:30:

When I use the extrude command it automatically smooths the corner for me. But in the tutorial, it just straight away extrudes it without a smooth corner.

@ivan.k.m.ho I think that this is because the crease system changed in V4, the video might be created with T-Splines V3, anyway if you create the caps for the extremes the issue should disappear.

@DiegoKrause I think perhaps the OP wants to retain the creases rather than remove and what @laborda wrote is correct.

If @ivan.k.m.ho what I think is correct and you want that crease then do the extrusion, select those two edges and then use the t-splines crease command.

Thought I’ve tried creasing it before, but I think I got it now. Thanks all!