How to cap holes in t splines?

Hey everyone.

Someone knows how to cap holes in t splines?
I’ve tried to use append face command, but it doesn’t work for me.
Thanks all.

Can you upload any graph?
I think the tsappend command should work.

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When I try to apply the point of tsappend this happens, the point went to the ground

Pleasse turn the project osnap setting off.
Can’t you see it?

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Ok, I’m going yo try it.

But, see this @stjackin . When I do some curves then I extrude them, next I want to convert the exploded faces to t splines, but check out what happens to te faces:

01 - curves + extrude

02 - exploded objetc and the convert t splines

Do you have any idea to adjust de top and bottom faces?


Use loft of sweep to create the four faces based on the edges.
Then transfer them into tspline. If you use planarsrf to create the surface, it will return you the untrimed surface.
Try it. You can make it.

You’d better rebuild the curves with the same degree and point count before you act. And the edges should be treated as crease when tsmesh created as the graph shows above.

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What you mean “loft of sweep”? I think I can’t use it properly.

Can you demonstrate it? @stjackin

This is how I actually working with this forms: curves jointeds and then extrudecrv.

see the attached file.
If the surface is not created by planarsrf command, the surface will not change when transfer to tsplines surface.

Yeah! It works!
Only one more thing, how can I join all surfaces already them into t spline?

Any possibilities @stjackin ?

That is a litte difficult.
First you should transfer the tssurfaces to tsmeshes;
Second merge the mesh vertices at the edge of mesh;
Finally you have to treat all four long edges as crease before you tranfer the tsmesh back to ts surface.

I think it is not a good idea to use tsplines to build this model. It is too regular. Tsplines should be used to create model which is much more complicate.

Oh my gosh.

Is there other way that I can create that shape into t spline automatically?


You can delete the short faces and create new ones by hand. It’s not the simplest way but will deliver clean geometry.

You have a place there to the right of the first image where you have two faces and one would be the right thing.


You also may want to look at tsweld, will allow you to merge vertexes or edges

Creating new ones by hands seems impossible lol yeah, brasileiro @RicardoAmaral


Can you post this piece of the file here:


É bem difícil ver brasucas por aqui, bem vindo!

Course! There it is. Conceito_Rhino._Test3dm.3dm (45.8 KB)

Te mandei um pvt @RicardoAmaral