System Font/Standard Font


we sometimes have the problem that our defined font in texts, dimensions, leaders etc. is substituted by Arial (e.g. when texts are brought into Rhino with Drag & Drop).
Is there a way to set a “system font” as a standard for texts, dimensions, leaders? Not as “annotation style”, but as standard for Rhino.

We use Rhino 7 for Windows in the latest Release (Rhino 7 SR28 2023-2-27 | 7.28.23058.03001).

Thanks for your replies.


Hi Andreas -

No, that’s not possible.

That should only happen when you open a file that contains annotations with a font that does not exist on the system where this file is opened. If you share files within your organization, you should make sure that either all systems have the same fonts installed or that only fonts that are available on all systems are used in Rhino files.