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i have set up and not changed the dimension and leader text in a few annotation types , all is ariel however , when i make a leader , it is ariel black and that should not be as the setup is ariel there is a Bold B behind the ariel in the setup screen (can not do anything with that but it is there)
so i want to have ariel or any (as dialed in in the annotation set up ) and not ariel black that comes back every time
Ok Thanks for the help

Hi Rob -can you please post a file that has one or two of these leaders?

  • Pascal

well here a small file with some leaders , the problem is that ariel black keeps coming up
leader.3dm (656.3 KB)

Hi Rob - both of these leaders have History. I assume this is part of the problem but I do not see it here - that is, I see one leader using Black but if I change it it sticks; in addition the leaders, while they have history with an arc there , do not update if the arc is moved.


no i can not get the ariel to perform as text for the leader i do have ariel as the default text in the annotation set up, but the ariel black is persistence as it keeps showing up every leader i draw, i do want normal ariel as i have put in in th eannotation set up , but it does not work i have every time i draw a leader manually select text then change the font to ariel, i do nothing with history , at least not by purpose

@lowell - any ideas about what could be happening or what to look for? I do not see the persistent incorrect font, here but I see it in the file posted above as it opens.


@Pascal - I see what you said - One leader opens with Arial, the other with Arial Black.
Removing the override on the Arial Black one reverts it to Arial. That persists through a save.
There have been problems with Arial Black in the past. It looks like the file attached here was from Rhino 6.17. Pretty new.
Maybe @alain has a hint, although I think all of the Arial Black yt reports are cleaned up.
If older Rhinos are involved, that might be a direction to look

@robo - was this file originally made in an early V6 or V5 or?


it is not the file it is rhino examples enclosed font1 shows the propertie screen as it is , see the choosen font ariel! font3 when you make a leader , th efont is changed to ariel black and in two when editing

Hi Rob, this is a recent bug that that occurs for certain operating system languages and has been fixed. The fix will be available as soon as the next 6.17 RC goes out. See RH-53897.
Is your Windows language set to Dutch?
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok great, yes windows is set to dutch language




It’s Arial, not Ariel. :wink: