Another Rhino 6 Text Error

I have created a set of annotation styles for text in my layout spaces. When I select an existing text and change its dimension style to the desired it initially works. Then when I attempt to edit the content of the text it changes to some other font. When I try to change it back to my preset font it does not change, I have to change to a completely other font and then back to my original desired. This seems super counter intuitive to having annotation styles if I have to individually assign fonts. If someone has some insight as to what I might not be doing correctly please let me know.

So… and I find this hard to get used to myself but I think what you see here is support for rich text and multiple fonts per text bock at work - and I agree it can use some tuning . For now, see if making sure the the text in the editor is selected, then changing the font does what you need. Once the cursor is in the text field, that is where the change takes place - if there is no selection, you do not see a change…


There are problems with how a handful of fonts are being identified in Rhino. Unfortunately the Helvetica Neue Lt Std UL that you’re using is one of those fonts. We are looking into it right now.

Thank you both for your responses.

Pascal, I have tried both just selecting the Text object as well as highlighting the specific text in the field. Both require me to change the font several times before being able to get it to change to Helvetica Neue Lt Std Ultra Light.

Any idea to the timeline of this being resolved? I was originally using Avenir Next and decided to change because of the problems Rhino was giving me. I went to Helvetica Neue because they are comparable in some regards. Again thank you for the info.

It will most likely be in SR 11