Default Text in Saved Template

I have a couple of custom templates set up, my preferred font is Eurostile, so I set this as the annotation style text, yet when I call the text command the font is set to Arial, (the dimensions follow the Eurostile set in annotations). This happens everytime I call the text command for the 1st time when starting a new model. Is there a way to make default text as Eurostile ? Using V5 here, Windows 10, tia :slight_smile:

That doesnโ€™t seem to be possible in Rhino 5 (though somehow mine is set to Tahoma).
A bit more information here:

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yeh had a quick browse through the forums and found no answers, just a (small) pain each time you open a new rhino model or an existing one that the first time you call text its is always set to Arial despite have a different font assigned to your annotation style, anyway no big deal, thanks for the input.
Wim, is the text font assigned to annotation style in V6 ?

Yes, in Rhino 6, all Text is assigned a style, just like dimensions are in Rhino 6. So the default annotation style in your template dictates which font will be used when you place Text.

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as it happens I have just requested from the powers that be to upgrade my V5 license to V6 here in the office :slight_smile: