SVG export 😢

In my freshly acquired version 7.4.21067.13001, I found that _SaveAs of panel.3dm (52.1 KB) to (1.8 KB) at 1:1 scale on a 160 × 160 mm document does not work smoothly at all:

  • Text is output in black color instead of the layer color. In Rhino’s export preview it shows in blue, as expected.

  • Despite Position / Centered checked, the drawing is not centered.

  • The arrow in the SVG looks twice the size than in Rhino’s export preview.

  • The unicode character ℃ does not show in the preview.

  • When selecting a custom size, then I would like to advance from the horizontal to the vertical dimension by pressing tab. This does not work.

    In fact, it would be nice if there was an option extents for size. One application of using SVG export is preparation of designs for laser cutting via K40 Whisperer. A lot of time could be saved if I wouldn’t have to enter dimensions manually each time.

Finally, when I try to upload panel.svg to Discourse, then I get an error message: “Sorry, but we couldn’t determine the size of the image. Maybe your image is corrupted?”

Hi -
Thanks for reporting these issues!

I’ve put that on the list as RH-63352: File IO: SVG Export - Color of Annotations
I suppose that the workaround for the time being is to explode the text into curves.

The View and Output Scale > Viewport setting takes precedence here. If you change that to Extents, the drawing is centered.

And it also looks differently than what it looks like in the viewport. This one is on the list as RH-63214: File IO: ETO Print Dialog - WYSIWYG
I’ve added this thread as a reference and also found out that the final result is also influenced by the print width property of the layer the object is on. It behaves a bit differently in different situations and so this is not completely controllable as it stands. You might want to create geometry to get full control.

I’ve added that case to the open item RH-59681: Special Glyphs in Arial preview but do not print to RhinoPDF in V6 and V7
I realize that, in your case, the glyph exports correctly and doesn’t preview but that was already commented as a related case in that issue… FWIW, it looks like °C previews…

I’ve tried a few times to get that on the list over the last 20 years but I suppose I should try once again…

I see that here as well… I’ll see if that can be fixed.
RH-63372 - File IO: SVG: Hidden unusual character as the very first character

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