SVG export from Rhino 6 for Mac (size, scaling and position)


I need to export SVG from Rhino 6 for Mac to use in a CNC cutter and I can’t figure out how to use the SVG export dialog to get a good result. I’m working in millimeters and I want to export from the top view in scale 1:1. The scaling works fine (the output is true to scale), but I don’t understand how to control the size of the SVG itself.

For example, if my drawing is a rectangle that is 200x100 and I set the “destination” to 300x200, my drawing should fit inside the SVG. However, my SVG is too small and my drawing ends up being cropped. When checking the file in Illustrator the scale is correct, but the size of the artboard is much smaller than what I set it to be (the proportions seem to be right though). When looking at the SVG code in a text editor the size is defined in points, not millimeters.

I can find workarounds for this using Illustrator, but it would be more time consuming and I would prefer going straight from Rhino. I’ve been scratching my head for hours and I’m genuinely confused, so if anyone can cast any light on this I would appreciate it a lot. Below are a screenshot of my settings and the SVG file that I get. (I also don’t fully understand the other settings, so any advice on this is also welcome.)


Hello - I think what you describe ought to work - here is what I get, on Windows, I’ll have a try on mac in a moment:

Seems to work as expected on Mac as well.


Strange, it’s not working for me. I don’t see the rectangle in the preview either. Did you try on Rhino 6 for Mac?

My SVG:s are always “cropped” in a strange way and the dimensions don’t correspond to the custom dimensions I enter. I just tried again, and in the SVG code it says:

svg width=“471.75pt” height=“314.25pt”

In my opinion it would make more sense if the SVG was sized in the unit as the custom dimensions, like this:

svg width=“300mm” height=“200mm”

Could I have messed up the settings in some way? Like under “Margins and Position”?

Anyway, I found a better way to do what I needed to do, using DXF, so I don’t really NEED to get this working now (though it would FEEL good).

I see it does not seem right in V6…