SVG scaling problem


Im trying to export a line drawing as svg file. I try to export it in 1:1 scale for laser cutting. The file gets only partially exported(see picture) and I cannot use it.

If I increase the “paper size” to A0 it seems to export the whole drawing… but then it isn’t in 1:1 scale anymore. Even if the 1:1 scale box is checked.

So how does one export a file in 1:1 scale SVG? Or even a pdf cause that didn’t work either?

it is a common problem with Rhino exporter, I think there are some answers in the various discussion.

It was also one reason I made my own tool, that is old now but it has also group for layers. I think it still lack in Rhino.

Hey, thanks for the answer/link. I downloaded the plugin but it doesn’t seem to do anything, does it work on rhino 7?

Sorry it doesnt work on rhino 7.

Ah, thats a shame. Thanks though! :hugs:

it works !!!
I answered without testing but it seems it works in Rhino 7 (PC not Mac)

Use save, save as, export selected

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Oh yes, the problem was I forgot to install the plugin :sweat_smile:

Thank you, I run some tests but it seems to work now.