SVG export: how to maintain position relative to model origin?


I am drawing surfaces in Rhino 8 and exporting them as SVG to import into KiCad.

The geometry is drawn in Rhino centered on X0 Y0 but when exporting it Rhino wants to add page margins and orientate the SVG relative to a hypothetical a sheet of paper.

The exported geo is imported into KiCad at a location other than 0,0.

Is there a way to export an SVG while maintaining position relative to the model origin?

I want the geo to import into kiCad centered on 0,0 just like it is drawn in Rhino.

A workaround is to draw a bounding box around the geometry in Rhino, with a line bisecting the box. After importing into KiCad the geo can be moved to 0,0 via the center point of the bisecting line.