SVG Export - Maintain object order

Hey All, Is there any way to maintain the order of geometry when exporting a SVG?

I am creating drawings in rhino/gh, exporting to Inkscape via SVG, to create drawings on a pen plotter. However, the SVG export appears to reorder the file in an unpredictable way. Any suggestions as to how to maintain either the order of the geometry in rhino, or how out of gh?


I think the order in the .svg corresponds to the Print-order.
this can be influenced by layers and with
if you need precise order, i recommend layers - search the forum there was a nice topic about print order. … let me see…

… check this:

from this topic:

and other people that struggle(d)

Thanks for your response, though perhaps i have used the wrong term, It’s not the drawing order (which object is in front of another), but the creation order that i want to maintain. My files have thousands of lines, so creating thousands of layers is not feasible (while possible through gh, it will make the inkscape process considerably harder).

It appears that my issue is identical to:

It appears there is no known logic as to how the pdf order is exported, potentially same for svg.

I will install the gh plugin ‘graphics plus’ to test if its direct export feature maintains the order.