Surface order

Hello again

A question please.
Why the order of the surfaces is not in the order of the lines? I mean, item 1 es not the second surface begining from the left.

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Posting the gh file (internalizing the data) would make it possible for someone to help you find out why.

One thinkable reason could be the order of the lines (if they are used to split the surface, but I can’t tell from only the picture if that’s what you are doing)

// Rolf

Thanks, here is the fileduda.3dm (30.6 KB)

See this thread. You may have to sort the resulting surfaces using David’s method because there’s no way to predict in what order it is carried out.

You could have internalized these two curves in your GH file and posted that instead.

I can’t answer “why?” but I can sort the surfaces by their Area centroid points (purple group):

P.S. Oops, I guess @akilli already made the same point by referring to David Rutten’s post.

may i have that GH file please¿

Thanks for the help

anyway, it is not tha case, but in case you want to sort the points in Y how do you do? Thanks again

You didn’t post your GH code, making it harder for me, so why should I post mine for you?

I did not do it¿ I think I did it

sorry, I put de rhino one, here it (7.4 KB)