Shatter troubles!

Im trying to split a rectangle with several lines with shatter but I can’t

What Im trying to get is

in individual segments like this

I’m going to appreciate your help

You could try this.

sliced (7.2 KB)

yes the point was understand how the shatter component works and how can I structure de data :confused:

Shatter isn’t really the ideal tool for this though. You’ll have a really hard time figuring out which opposing shatter segments belong to the same region. I think if I weren’t allowed to use SrfSplit, then I’d probably try a Sub Curve approach. But even then you’ll be in a world of hurt trying to deal with the special cases of the corners and jumping the rectangle seam point.

Ok I got it but What is happening here why my index 1 jump to the next row? (12.2 KB)

Surface Split is a single operation on all curves at once. The output cannot be trusted to be in some sort of meaningful order. You’ll have to sort the results, probably using distance to a base point/line of the region area centroids. (20.3 KB)

ps. I share your frustration about how difficult this is. It definitely feels like it should be a lot easier.

Rhino has a nice command Curve Boolean, not sure how that logic might be incorporated without a mouse click though.

you are totally right, I’ve working in other projects with a lot of components and I was thinking How I cant be able to split a rectangle with some lines but it is part of grasshopper easy as you want or the several ways to get one result. Thank you Sr.