Keep order of split surface the same as the offset curves


I would like to split a surface in more surfaces, but for some reason it messes up the order of the splitted surfaces.

Is there any way to have the order the same as the offset curves?

Thanks in advance!

Split (15.8 KB)

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you mean another method than sorting them afterwards?

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I would like the split surfaces to have the same order as the curves I offset.
The main curve that I offset 7 times, is in the right order. However, when I split the main surface by those curves, the order of the split surfaces seem to be randomized.

When you change the index slider at the red question mark in the second picture you will exactly see what i mean.

In general, there is no logical correlation between cutting curves and resulting surface fragments, so sorting results is common, as @Baris suggests. You may have a “special case” where you think it should work but it’s easy to show cases where it’s impossible to predict the sequence of fragments.

In your case you could do something like this: