Isotrim Vertices not in order


everytime i am using Isotrim, my vertecies which are closest to the first lofted curve are in disorder.

Could anybody please tell me why this is and how I can fix it?

Question_Vertecie (13.8 KB)

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Use Divide Surfaceinstead.

Question_Vertecie (17.0 KB)

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Hello Kim,

thank you for your answer.
I’ve tried it with the Divide Surface component but how do I trim the surface with it?
Or should I use both components? I am new to Grasshopper and don’t really know what a propper workflow would be.
By know I am thinking the less components the better, thats why I came back to Isotrim, which gives me the surfaces by default.

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Simply, you won’t be able to get the vertices in order what you desired through what you did with Deconstruct Brep and IMO, it’s not a GH’s fault and yours either. It’s just what it’s like…

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Alright, thank you!