Order surfaces

hope i can explain. I have made a surface split to have samaller surfaces but the list is not in order so I used an sort point to order it, well what can i do now to order the surface split list using the information of the sort points component? I think I have to use the REPLACE ITEMS component but I am not sure. Thanks a lotdiscretizacion.gh (9.5 KB)

How about usingIsotriminstead ofSurface Split?

discretizacion_re.gh (12.5 KB)

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it is good, thanks, but i have to use surface split. Do you know how to order the surface split list using de sort points? Thank you

discretizacion_reV2.gh (14.8 KB)

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thanks a lot, is it possible to do it with other component instead of list item?

Other than that this is a classic case where sort pts (centers) along curve (ccx plane fit, sphere fit) works and thus … see attached.

discretizacion_v1.gh (13.2 KB)

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