Surface morph for python in rhinocommon? rhinoscriptsyntax?

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to do in python what does what the grasshopper SrfMorph component does.

I tried using ghpythonlib.components to get access to the functionality. It is working but it is ridiculously slow on my machine. I tried the parallel trick as well.

I can’t seem to find anything in rhinocommon or rhinoscriptsyntax @@ I see the spaceMorph but I don’t understand it.

Hi Jake,

The algorithm being Grasshopper’s SrfMorph component is unique to Grasshopper - there is not an equivalent function in Rhino or the Rhino SDK (RhinoCommon).

Help me understand this. How many objects are you trying to morph?

My issue I see now was that when I was testing out my script I was using a nurbs sphere as the geometry to morph onto a surface. Morphing a sphere onto as few as 8 surfaces took 2.2s.

I actually only need to morph surfaces onto other surfaces (the surfaces I am using have about 10 control points). So I can morph a surface onto 400 surfaces in 1s. This is without the ghcomplib parallel. I am only aiming for 30-40 surfaces so I see now the issue is not a problem.

Thanks Dale.