SrfMorph on SubD surface


Im trying to use the SrfMorph component on Grasshopper, however the ‘surface’ input is actually a SubD. Is there any way I can SrfMorph onto a SubD or do I need to change the SubD into a surface before I SrfMorph.

If its the second option, how can I change a SubD into a surface?

See attached (29.5 KB)


ToNURBS as @Michael_Pryor mentioned is the lossless way from SubD to NURBS. It will pack logical regions of quad faces into single surfaces but depending on your SubD topology this may or may not give you a single surface where you want it for SrfMorph. A manual approach is to project a grid of curves onto a SubD and then model a NetworkSrf from those. Note that preselection of the SubD allows projection across all of it’s faces in unison.

Not sure if you meant for your GH file to have geometry embedded in it but if you did, right click any component that references geometry and choose Internalise Data before saving the file.

rebuild thicker (31.4 KB)
Surface Morph.3dm (2.2 MB)

Attached are the Rhino 7 file and grasshopper file for SrfMorph of the surface and the line geometry I want to SrfMorph, I have broken down the larger model into a small section in a SubD, Polysurface and, Mesh form.

I have converted the SubD into a Polysurface however my goal was to create one surface to uniformly morph the desired geometry onto the whole surface. Am I missing some parameters?

@BrianJ how can I project a grid of curves onto the larger SubD to create a NetworkSrf, will it be able to maintain this form?