Grasshopper 'SrfMorph' Component


I have a set of multiple geometries I want to morph onto a form and am not sure how to do it through grasshopper.
I created a form using the SubD toolkit and am finding it extremely difficult to convert it into a single surface, I want to do this in order to use the SrfMorph component on grasshopper. TONURBS turns it into a polysurface with multiple surfaces and Mesh turns it into an open mesh, both these commands don’t help my case.

I am trying to convert it into a single surface so that I can SrfMorph a geometry onto the form.

This is the desired form I am trying morph the geometry on.

Below is a screenshot of the geometry I am trying to SrfMorph onto the the form.
Screenshot 2022-02-23 194606

This is the desired result, the geometry has successfully morphed onto the single surface.

Attached are the Rhino 7 file and grasshopper file for SrfMorph of the surface and the line geometry.
Roof.3dm (6.6 MB)

rebuild thicker (31.4 KB)

So I’ve managed to SrfMorph the geometry onto the surface by changing the SubD ToNurbs and exploding the Polysurface into multiple surfaces, however, after ‘Grafting’ the multiple surfaces, the geometry morphed onto each individual surface independently and gave me an undesired result.

I am looking for a uniform, homogenous SrfMorph across the whole form.

Lattice on (52.3 KB)

This isn’t what I was looking to do but it is a step closer than where I was.