Grasshopper command similar to Rhino's Flow Along Surface

Hi Dear grasshopper savvy people,

I’m exploring options in gh to do something similar to flow along surface in rhino.

Please see attached files.

I still don’t quite yet know how it works with morph surface in gh. Like what you can see from the file, what I’m trying to do is to flow a curve along a surface to be projected the same onto a vertical surface. This can be practical for balconies on buildings for example.

However I can’t seem to figure out why it doesn’t work…

Also I’m aware that morph surface is capable of mapping any objects onto a surface to make, e.g. parametric facade designs etc? Can someone post knowledge in that regard as well?


test flow along srf or morph.3dm (49.0 KB) test flow along srf or (6.4 KB)

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Try sporph.

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test flow along srf or (8.7 KB)

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Thanks for your reply S Wac. Would you be able to elaborate more on sporph? What should I put in P0 and P1 for UV Parameters? Thanks!

Thanks dowazura!

I did what you had in the image, but somehow it didn’t work. Could you please elaborate a bit more? I’m going to test your file to see if it works. Thanks!

Also I didn’t understand why we have to extrude after bounding box? Can you please enlighten me? Thanks!

Aha I found out that I failed to reparamaterize it! So that’s clear now. Please just the extrude part. Thanks!

I was using yours to test on one of my other file, which resulted in the line was back on its own original place it seems… instead of onto the surface.

When I tried to rebuild the curve with 10 cp (currently 25 cp) it worked, but when I increased it to 35cp it failed again…

Can you please have a look at this file? Thanks!

test flow along srf or morph 2.3dm (147.7 KB) (12.2 KB)

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Thanks! Now I realise the importance of making sure it’s actually on the surface. :slight_smile:

Great! Thank you for showing another option and explaining it S Wac!