Chamfering a Radius

Hello everyone,

Im a bit stuck on a model I’m currently making. I’m trying to chamfer a radius between surfaces and im not getting any progress at all.

Do I need to somehow merge these surfaces together?

ChamferSrf creates a chamfer between two surfaces.
ChamferEdge creates a chamfer along the edge in a polysurface (joined surfaces). It does not work on two unjoined surfaces.

I can manage this area…it’s just the radius that wont seem to budge. I believe its because theres that side surface that meets at a point and it has no room to chamfer.

Well, I think that that corner patch on the flat face might be giving an issue. I don’t think it’s the inside curved area in the of the part that is the problem, because: that can be split to make the chamfer, but I think when the chamfer tool tries to split that little wedged shaped fill surface, there will be trouble.

I wonder would would happen if you back up a bit, and remake the flat areas, using standard trimmed or extruded surfaces, while avoiding creating that little patch. Revolved surfaces can cause problems, too, when their nodes not fan but converge.

Oddly, the (hidden on-the-fly created) triangle mesh will do largely that as it fills the corner, but it’s a little persnickety for the NURBS.

The little patch might make excessive splits on its mate, and will certainly be a chore for texture mapping.

For fun: make a copy of it, explode it, and look at the nodes.