Surface modeling

Hello Guys,

I have some problems to build this kind of Surface.
Do you guys have any ideas how to create the inner part in Rhino??

Thanks a lot!!

Perhaps with Sweep1? Or splitting up a revolved surface in the shape of a dome, and then making the mid section using the extrude command (or loft between the edges of the split up surface).

This is a simple model for Rhino. Here you need to use: split, sweep, fillet, possibly Blend Surfaces.

Hello - I can’t tell if your example is this simple, but it looks like there’s a simple ‘pill’ shape underyling this - if you make one of those - there are various ways you could do that - and trim off the larger bit, project a line across onto it for the details. Is that what you mean>

@philipp.p.suess - replaced with V5 file. Oblong.3dm (301.4 KB)


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sry but i cant open that file with rhino5.
is it possible that you save that file as rhino 5??

looking forward to see your Suggestion

Thanks for your help°!

Something like this?

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