Need help to loft a surface

Hi There,
any ideas how to loft this surface and cut out holes later. Surface is also curved.
Maybe create surface somehow and split surface with curves from element that are to be holes.
This is quite a feat for a beginner.
Hope you can help. Hope the link works.

Please post your Rhino file with the relevant geometry.

rootsprinttest.3dm (16.6 MB)
Hi Martin,
thanks for getting in touch.

How did you create the extruded surfaces? Do you have the curved surface? It seems you projected the 2D curves onto a curved surface and we need this surface…

Can i send it so its not here for everyone to see. Its my little secret project :wink:

Hi @eyewash
Also, if you look at the Root1 layer, there are a LOT of duplicate curves, resulting in duplicate or neaer duplicate surfaces. You need to clean this up first.
HTH, Jakob

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Ok thanks, will do. I do lots of clicking around which can get messy.

You can send the surface in a personal message

I’ll reply some of the things here.

So first of all you need to fix the 2D curves on the layer Root1.

I’d suggest taking a screenshot and using the Vectorize plugin to get better curves. Yours are not useful at all and it would take a lot of time fixing your curves manually.

The result of the vectorize approach also needs to be cleaned up but at least you do not have to deal with squished, closed curves…

You can try to achieve a better result with the attached image or you trim and join the curves I created for you. Note the vectorize command creates two curves at the edge of the red curves. So not really perfect either but it might be a quick solution.

Once you cleaned the curves we can look at the rest.

The Rhino file attached only contains the 2D curves on layer Root1 and what I got from my vectorize approach and a hatch.

Root1.3dm (7.0 MB)

Dear Martin,
Thanks so much. Oh man i spent hours tracing a foto in Illustrator. It would have been so much easier to do it your way. Do i just download the plugin? So i can use it for future projects? Import foto and then vectorise?

Ok so i have set to work cleaning up thevectors.
So whats with the Hatch can that be used again or is it a trace?
Thanks for your time.


You might actually want to start from scratch using the Vectorize plugin and your source image file…

Its ok. Tidying up files has something medative. :space_invader:

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Can i download it if i am on the test trial Rhino version?

Vectorize? I’d expect yes