Blend surface struggle modeling

Helle guys,

I’m working on my modeling skills and I run into a struggle to get a nice blend surface between to surfaces. I don’t know the way to the right solution. Can someone show me how to approach this?

Kinetic boomerang.3dm (1.0 MB)

Thank you.

Hello- a larger image of what you intend would be helpful.


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Kinetic Boomerang detail blend

Larger then this I can’t find. Hope it’s more clear now.

Looks like something that can be done easy with “Sweep 2 rails” (with a few profile curves) or “Loft” (with the “Loose” option), followed by “Match surface”.

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Kinetic boomerang_emod.3dm (3.8 MB)
I network surf’ed some crvs u had there. and adjusted one a bit.

I noticed some degree 5 crv, so I left it as deg 5 during rebuild – although i mostly prefer deg 3.

It might be possible to loosen up the srf density, but i left it alone atm.

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Looks good, thanks. I just can’t produce it mysekf, need to spend more time in the workflow and possibilities. Normally I work with straight objects.

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In the beginning of my ‘CAD’ journey I remember exploiting the ‘extrusion’ aspect of things, until I discovered ‘sweep’ tools, then I thought sweeping was cool.

Eventually, I discovered ‘loft’ tools and then thought that was the way to do everything.

I remember spending weeks of time developing special lofted geometry for different projects. I’d have dozens of different sketches on different planes oriented just right, and then loft them all together just for the sake of slicing geometry a certain way.

Long story short, I eventually discovered ‘surfaces’ and ‘surface networks’, and realized that that’s basically the foundation of everything and most other things are kind of just beating around the bush.

So, I basically just took the curves you already had but went ahead and tightened up one spot circled here:

Then I turned those curves into 4 curves, in order to create the 4 sided surface network, and Rhino took care of the rest.

Of course I made some assumptions, and it really depends on how you want this all to be blended, that ultimately will dictate the overall approach – so the network I did, of course isn’t the only option here.

Thanks for the explanation, I will give it go and spend more time modeling and learning the principles.

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please check out this essential series if you are interested in improving your modeling skills-

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Thanks for the tip. I will definitly watch those.