Re-creating a SketchUp model in Rhino, ready to be 3D printed

I am completely new to Rhino. I want to have a shape 3d printed. I originally made the model in SketchUp but it is impossible to create a completely rounded surface. How would I go about making this shape in Rhino? I really am clueless how the tools work compared to SketchUp so any help would be amazing! Thanks! :slight_smile: . coaster 4.skp (496.1 KB)

Hi - to build a Rhino model on top of the SketchUp model, you could run MeshIntersect on the object and a vertical plane to get an intersection curve. Then use Circle with the 3Point option to create a circle on the curved sidewall. Then 2 vertical lines to split the circle with and then run Revolve on the 3 curves. Use Cap to create a closed model.

Note that, for 3D printing, you will be turning the Rhino model back into a mesh with non-round sidewalls.

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Thank you so much! Will give that a go :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you could draw the curve profile and then use _revolve to create the outer shell and finally, _Cap to close up the top and bottom flat areas.


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Perfect that sounds simple thank you!