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I am currently trying to create a somewhat complex surface and can’t figure out the correct command to do so. I have used sweep2 up to this point, but it’s not working for the green part of the the curve that I outlined in blue

Hello - please export all the surfaces that you are asking about to a new file and post that, with a clear explanation of what it is you are trying to do.


rhino surface help.3dm (271.2 KB)
Yeah, sure! So here is the file. I’m not sure how exactly to explain it, but I have a basic polysurface that I’m using to create more detailed smaller polysurfaces from. However I’m currently struggling to sweep the part that is in green, and I really just want it to look similar to the polysurface that is currently there, but just where the green outline is. Let me know if this isn’t clear enough I can try to sketch it. Thanks.

Hello- I think you may want to find this curve

plus the outer edge curve of each surface - you can loft with straight sections to get the linear surfaces and then add a transition like a fillet or blend (blue) once the shape is right, and trim it in.

Here is an example - I set it up with History, so if you turn on control points for the red blue and white curves, you can edit these and the surfaces and clue transition surface will update.
rhino surface help_maybe.3dm (301.5 KB)
Not sure if that gets you anything useful - you’ll need to trim it all when the shape looks right of course.


So is there no way to sweep the contours that are already there to create the blue form I’ve drawn in the picture. I also uploaded another rhino file with just the curves. And if no it’s okay I can use the fillet approach you’ve pointed out, I’d just have to add a few more curves I believe

rhino surface help.3dm (32.3 KB)
New file updated

I actually I think the loft method you showed is working fine now. However, when I go to fillet the edge it is asking for two curves after I give it the edge of the polysurface to fillet

Hello - FilletEdge, not Fillet. (though my example has a FilletSrf with a G2 blend in there that should update if you edit the colored curves.)


rhino surface helpNEW.3dm (141.4 KB)
If you could look at this updated model I’d really appreciate it. I set up the history as you did in your example, but am still struggling with the filletedge or filletsrf command. I’m assuming it’s because I don’t have enough room on each side when it tapers down very small. Is there a way to set up an adjusting parametric fillet that would change and not break when it tapers to a point? I’m just trying to fillet the entire top edge

Right - I’d do this with the curves for the loft not coming to a point; if it needs to be cut off I’d do that afterwards - I am not, of course, completely sure what your intention is here but that is what I think I’d do - make the surfaces wide enough to hold the fillet you want to add, then trim it all afterwards if need be.


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Okay that makes a lot more sense, thanks for all your help!