I need help rebuilding this surface. I have all the pieces. Thanks!

HelpFile.3dm (632.8 KB)

So I created this messy surface, but hope there is a way or building a more refined surface because I am having trouble rendering this mess I made. I achieved the basic shape required, but the internal structure is horrible. Also, the edges are fairly precise, but the body curves are less so. Like, by looking at glossy renderings, I can see that the shape isn’t as organic as it should be. Thanks!

Isn’t there a smoothen command or something ?

Thats for mesh and it ruined the geometry for me when I converted this to a mesh

Oh awesome! can you please send me the file?

That doesn’t make sense, since you will have to play with the paramaters yourself.

Download Rhino 7 / WIP.

This is a Sub-D generated with the QuadRemesh command

OMG wow this is perfect! Thanks!