Surface / Mesh deviation Analysis

I would like to know if you can perform surface to mesh deviation analysis. This would be in order to compare scan data to the reverse engineered or CAD model?

Hi Jason - yes, the PointDeviation command will accept a mesh as input for the points (though, depending on the mesh size, you may want to extract a local portion near the surface for analysis)


You would need to have just the points to compare to the surface using PointDeviation command. Use your original points or extract points from the mesh to use. You can not directly use a mesh for comparison

It does accept a Mesh. The Help file is wrong.
I’ll add a bug report.

HI, mesh2surface has very high performance analyser for the needs.
You can watch on the full video or simply start from 1:10 min

It is fast and easy to use

Check on our website for the plug-in itself

hello. has there been an update for deviation analysis for points, edges, faces please? would be awesome to have a live update of deviation analysis as adjustments are made. thanks.

PointDeviation output updates when the “objects to be tested” are altered. These are the second set of objects to be selected. The update happens after the object is altered, not while the alterations are in process.

PointDeviation does not update the output when the points to be tested are altered.