Surface Compare


Is there a way to compare 2 surfaces or polysurfaces for deviations.
I have been given 2 surfaces to work to that are supposed to be the same and I would like to be able to check them against one another


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If they are identical then SelDup (Select Duplicates) would select one of them.

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Create a set of points on one surface, and use PointDeviation to compare the points to the other surface. The workflow I use is:

Create a mesh from one surface using Mesh. Set the “Maximum edge length” to the maximum distance between points to be used for the comparison.

Extract the vertices from the mesh created above using ExtractPt

Check the deviation between the points and the other surface using PointDeviation


@davidcockey, you can skip that step, _PointDeviation accepts a mesh directly.



Thanks guys, good tips, just what I wanted