Point deviation issue


it is very handy that we now can use meshes instead of points only.

I thought, the function would extract the points of the mesh and use them then.
Without creating ‘physical’ points of course.

But it seems to be different.
Not every point of the mesh is used.

What is the rule?
How to determine the ‘density’ of the comparision?


Do you know or can find out?

Hi Charles - I have not specifically tested but I’d expect all the mesh vertices that are within range to be used - if you have an example that indicates otherwise, please post or send it to me…



Hello Pascal,

hmm, I can’t get it working with less points than all.
But this is another WIP as in the initial question.
So let’s forget that for now.

But there is another issue now.
I get only good points:

Ok, next try.
I closed Rhino and restarted Rhino.
Now the numbers in the text fields are very different from the former ones.
Perhaps a localisation issue?

Changing the numbers don’t update the analysis result:

So I click the End button in the panel, and then reselect the geometry.
Now I can see a result, but still only good points.

With the same numbers in V5:

And here is the file:
CP_Analysis_Deviation.3dm (256.9 KB)