Point Set Deviation with mesh

Hello again, I am facing such a problem that I cannot take the full mesh and compare it to the point cloud, just a small fragment, what could it be related to?

Hi - can you post the file?

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What happens when you try to use point deviation?
How many points in the point cloud?
How many faces or vertices in the mesh?

PointDeviation can take minutes to complete If the mesh or number of points is very large.

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I apologize for not responding for so long, I can only send a fragment and only in personal correspondence, but this is not necessary, I just want to understand why everything turns out calmly with the NURBS model, but there are already some problems with a very small mesh.

Just nothing

You could try CloudCompare, although if I recall correctly, only point cloud to point cloud comparison is offered.
In Cloud Compare you can sample points on the mesh to create a point cloud, and then compare point cloud to point cloud.
I have not used Cloud Compare in a while, so its possible mesh to point cloud comparison is available now.

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I used PointDeviation (V7) to test 9800 points relative to mesh with 8.3 million faces with no problems. What can be confusing is the PointDeviation panel stays in place until closed and it appears to still be active even though it isn’t.

I used PointDeviation to test 660,000 point as both five point clouds and individual points relative to mesh with 8.3 million faces without any problems though the command did take around a minute to complete.

I find Rhino deals with very large meshes better than with very large number of points or point clouds with a very large number of points.

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Okay, but I have point clouds of about 30 million points.

But I want to do it in Rhino :slight_smile:

Yes, mesh to point cloud comparison is available in Cloud Compare,
I use it to compare models against pointclouds with hundreds of millions of points.
It is significantly faster and more customisable than Rhino, but that is what it has been built to do.
Horses for courses.

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Although, even with a point cloud of 5 million points, everything also doesn’t work.