Measuring a deviation from surface to surface


I have rebuilt a surface and I would like to measure if any deviation to the original surface has happened during my rebuild. In Alias I know the option “Locate Surface to Surface Deviation” (Image attached.)
Is there any such function in Rhino?

Using: Rhino 5 on a Lenovo P1, Windows 10

Thank you very much!

In Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 you can use PointDeviation. I don’t recall if PointDeviation in Rhino 5 works between two surfaces, or only between points or meshes and a single surface. You ExtractRenderMesh or ExtractAnalysisMesh from one surface and use PointDeviation to compart the extracted mesh to the other surface.

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Hi David, thanks for your reply! Will try to do that. All the best to you!