Surface from the points

I want to turn these points on this polygon to surface…I used “surface from points” component

but it doesn’t work and give errors…do you have any suggestion to make surface from these points?

Surface from points only works with grid. Use patch instead that you can split with polygon outline

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That looks like a grid of points to me but without a GH file containing internalized geometry (points and pentagon please), there’s nothing I can do.

P.S. Well, I could start from scratch…

P.P.S. Oh wait, I guess it’s more like this? “1-x” with Graph Mapper

And trim extraneous flat surface parts?

But the question you asked is slightly different…

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You can project the points on XY plane, create Delaunay mesh and use it with z value of the original points to create new mesh.

For a surface you can sort the points in X direction , create Interpolate curves and than loft surface.

waving (10.7 KB)
this is my file
thanks a million for your help in advance

I did this work yesterday. Does this image explain it better?

Or would it be helpful to have the GH file too?

Just in case the image alone isn’t as clear or convenient to work with: (it rarely is) (22.0 KB)

Simpler… (20.1 KB)

thanks Joseph for your great help. You did a lot for me.
much appreciated