HELP! Surface from Grid Trouble! - null point in grid

Surface from Grid.3dm (14.1 MB) I am trying to generate a surface from grid, but the problem is points are all shown as null…

[Site -|attachment]Site - (56.8 KB)

A similar thread three days ago: (56.2 KB)

P.S. I’m not sure why but the Delaunay mesh is quite bad in this case, filling in the “bay” with a phony surface?


Thank you so much for solving this issue! It’s genius! Although I can’t really understand how it works at this point, but I will look up the command you write and try to learn more about it :slight_smile:

Please see my “P.S.” - the Delaunay mesh is bad, distorting the SrfGrid.

I dug up a fix from here:

And applied it (yellow group) to your mesh: (63.1 KB)

It culls out mesh faces with long edges, removing the mesh garbage that covered the low flat areas.

is it because there are too much triangulation in the Delmesh?

It’s because the mesh spans the large “bay” on the left, connecting high points on either side with long edge faces. Removing those long edge faces fixes the problem.

The yellow group is slow - more than 40 seconds!

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got it! thank you so much! i will keep learning

Works like a charm. Thanks for the help!

What’s the yellow box labeled with 4 ?

“4” is the index value used by List Item ‘i’ (Index) input to get the bottom face of the bounding box.