Nurbs surface with free form curve

Hi everyone!

I want to make nurbs surface with free form plane curve and some control points.

I tried to “patch”, but it’s not on xy plane.

I also tried to cut whole patched surface with xy plane, but plane curve was different from initial shape.

Should I not use “patch” and is there any other way?
Please let me know your opinion.

Thank you. (20.9 KB)

SrfGrid (22.3 KB)

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This version correlates the Z sliders with the points inside the curve. (23.5 KB)

Hi Joseph_Oster!
Thank you for your advice!

I think your method is very useful,
but I want controllable nurbs surface on the base curve (like dome).

Is it impossible to make model like this?

Try to adjust the flexibility value of Patch about 10~20 maybe? and also increase the count of spans…

If you can generate suitable section curves in 2-drections from the surface you’ve created, a Network Surface might work to achieve a better match with your planar edge curve.

Experiment with the Nework Srf command manually to get a sense of the best way to setup your curve network.

Something like this as an example, curve colors correspond to U and V surface directions:

What @HS_Kim said: (20.3 KB)

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Hi, old_taz.

I didn’t have that idea!
Thank you for your reply!

@HS_Kim @Joseph_Oster
Thank you for your vary helpful idea!