Surface from points error

Hello everyone,

I am currently struggling with Grasshopper’s “Surface from points”. I have a surface from a closed curve which I divide in several points. It gives me a list with many null items (supposing the points which are outside the created trimmed surface) which I remove and get a clean list with only the points that i need. I try to move them away from the curves using “Curve closest point” - so far so good. Then comes the issue - whatever I try I cannot get the newly located points to form a surface.
I tried several things, including starting from un untrimmed surface but cannot get the desired result. Here is an image of the “surface” I get from these new points.

Any advice would be very much appreciated since no more ideas are coming to mind.

SRF FROM PT.3dm (58.2 KB)
SRF FROM (30.5 KB)

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