Surface from points

Hello guys!

Sorry for my silly question but I cannot understand why the surface from points command fails. What number i have to insert on U value in my case in order to work.

Surface from (6.2 KB)

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SrfGrid will not work in this context. Are you trying to “cap holes” on the lofted polysurface?


For just 5 non-planar points, you’re better off plugging your curve into Patch.

And if i want to triangulate the surface?

Patch doesn’t give you a sealed “Closed Brep” solid though.

Surface_from_points_2018Apr2a (8.6 KB)

You’re right Joseph. This does work however,

Surface_from_points_2018Apr2a (9.8 KB)

Actually, you don’t even need to explode the polylines, you can go directly to Extrude to Point.

I would do something like this but I was wondering if there was a simpler way. Could you please explain to me why surface grid doesn’t work in this case and which are the conditions in order to work fine.


Surface from (15.5 KB) (8.7 KB)

i think this works also it that case:

file:Surface from (5.9 KB)
You will need starling for that

“starling”? ConvexHull produces a different result from Delaunay Mesh, though both are valid.

Hello Baris!

Why 3D Convex Hull doesn’t work in this case? (7.5 KB)

it seems I cant open your file,
Maybe you can upload the points in a rhino file?

Yeah sorry for the confusion… don’t care about the 2 point nodes at the bottom. I have the same problem with the random points I created… (4.3 KB)

The only case it doesn’t give me an error is when I decrease the second slider in numeric value 2.

When I open it everything is fine, maybe just put another random seed or hit f5 on the keyboard

Which is the function of f5?

refresh/recompute, this will change the random seed

Mmmh…nothing changed… Its ok if it works fine for you I have no idea where is the problem. Anyway, thank you for your response!

Try 3D ConvexHull fr Mesh Edit Plugin…

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Thanks HS_Kim…it worked!