Surface automatically extend problem

Hi everyone

I have a problem with GH when I import (STP File) surface from Creo to Rhino and put it into the formula, the pattern surface area will suddenly be extended. I would like to keep the area the same as the Creo area.

Does anyone have an idea about this?

Thank you for your support !!

In Rhino, try the command: ShrinkTrimmedSrf

Note: This command is also accessible in Grasshopper using Python/C# or through the Pufferfish plugin.

Is it a trimmed surface you import?

Hi Adam

Thank you very much for your reply !!

I will try the plugin!

This thing is also happened on other surfaces as below

The inner outline is surface in rhino, and the outer outline of pattern surface is the simulation of GH.
I don’t know why the simulated GH surface can’t match my rhino surface.

For your reference~

Hi Petrol

Thank you very much for your reply !!

Two Surfaces are the same dimension before put import it into GH, I don’t know why it will come out with a different simulated surface.


what you see here is typical behavior for parametric CAD software like ‘Creo’ or ‘Catia’. And it has its purposes…

It’s rather wrong to modify the underlying shape, just because you want to map some pattern on it!

What you should do is to create a surface (or curve net) where you create the pattern on, and then you project the pattern on your shape. If you do it like this, you have more freedom in mapping, you can map onto much more complex shapes (consisting of multiple surfaces) and you don’t need to touch the initial shape at all (no rematching etc.)…

thanks~ I will consider it.