Surface Morph without Stretching


I am trying to surface morph the hexagonal pattern to a surface that has straight and curve edges. The pattern seems to have stretched along the curve edge.
surface morph

Can someone help to stop the pattern from stretching over the curve and maintain the ratio of the hexagonal over the curve edges.

Thank you in advanced.

Share gh file (41.7 KB)
1.3dm (191.3 KB)

These are the files

Sorry, it is rhino inside revit, I can not run it. Maybe you can internalize the curves into gh file.

I will bake the curves in rhino and resend

Ryan, You can internalize the curves here. Then remove all RiR components downstream to isolate your question for better Grasshopper user responses.

Thank you.

Please see attached internalise data. (22.4 KB)

The surface needs more resolution

Thank you! It works!