Grasshopper surface does not respond to resize in Rhino

If I set a brep to a Rhino box, when I resize the box in Rhino, Grasshopper responds accordingly.

If I set a surface to a Rhino surface, when I resize the surface in Rhino, Grasshopper sticks with the initial dimensions.



Is this by design or is it a bug?

Not happening here.
Can you replicate the problem with all rhino and grasshopper plugins disabled?

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Silly question, but the surface isnt just internalised is it?


Not a silly question. And the answer is in two parts: I did not click on Internalise, but on opening the GH file in a new model I find that it is. Given that all I did was to set the surface, add the dimension component and resize in Rhino to check the dimension response, I can be 99% certain this wasn’t just a “senior moment”, so how it got to be internalised is a mystery.

There was some faffing with the object selection for the set which may have something to do with it, but I doubt I can reproduce it, so I think this will have to be chalked up to experience and left behind.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.



Hi Riccardo,

Thanks for taking the time to respond. See my reply to Adam.