Rhino <=> Creo file exchange : open to suggestion

Hello there!

I was wondering if there is a plugin for exchanging Rhino files (surfaces) with Creo. Our team works on a combination of Rhino and Creo, and we always find problems after an export from Rhino followed by an import in Creo through Step-format.

is there a Rhino-plugin which better exports Surfaces for Creo, or a Creo-plugin that better imports surfaces from Rhino. Or there maybe another file-format that understand the communication between Rhino and Creo better?

open to any suggestion/ tips …


Hello - what sort of problems?


Hi Pascal, thanks for a reply.

free form surfaces break down in to very many small surfaces after importing in Creo. they are often not the same set of broken surfaces. if you import the same step file twice in Creo, you will see two different sets of broken surfaces.

importing polysurfaces often generates random holes along their joints.

transform operations conducted in integer number in Rhino generates fraction values after Creo import. for example, if i rotate an object 15-degrees in Rhino, it would show 15.0000310-degrees after importing in Creo.

we could not find a specific pattern, and still assuming these as random behaviour.

thanks, Rf

Can you post an example surface that shows this problem?


will creo take a parasolid in? If so, you may try that out of rhino. In most cases, that will work better going to a solids package.