Rhino 8_Extend trimmed surface - unexpected behaviour


The BLUE flat surface extends like I remember from Rhino 7.
The GREEN curved surface is surprisingly “creative” when extending??
Though not visible in the video I had another one even offsetting in normal direction when attempting to extend.
If I shrink them first, the green surface extends more like expected but also either scales both on sides or displaces, though a bit less.
They extend normally if untrimmed.

I hadn’t noticed this until the last update, though I see there are posts from e.g. April 2023 related to the scaling topic.

Wish you a good week!

Hello- please post a file with the green surface.


Hello Pascal,

Thank you for your reply and for you interest in this topic. I upload the file with this reply.
I hope the example helps.

Wish you all a good day!
GREEN Surface_Extend issue.3dm (60.2 KB)