Support extents for Spacemouse Enterprise


I’ve just connected the full Spacemouse Enterprise kit (Spacemouse Enterprise + Cadmouse) to the current build of Rhino 5.

The combination works as expected, but the ‘3dconnextions Buttons’ category under Tools/Options does not match the device itself. For example, the Enterprise Spacemouse has 12 buttons, where within Rhino, 10 buttons are presented for mapping. There is no ‘Menu’ button on the Enterprise Spacemouse.

Does an add-on of some kind exist for this device? I would like to map the key set to the application. Furthermore, I would like to select a surface, then see my top most used surface commands mapped to the buttons, and see the associated command icons on the Spacemouse screen. Selecting a line would call up most used line/curve commands. Select the world axis and the most used Cplane commands appear, etc.

Please let me know. This device combination is extensible and powerful. Hopefully I’ve missed something in my search.

Many thanks. I hope all is well.

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Hi Steven - the plug-in that drives that Options page is provided by 3dConnexion - I guess they have not updated it to match this new system - you might mention it to the 3dConnexion tech support, it may be an easy thing for them to tune up.


Thank you for responding promptly Pascal. I would expect such a plug in to come from 3Dconnextion, but I’m not immediately finding it. I’ll get with them. Many thanks to you.

-> The answer is simple. All is incorporated into the driver. I would traditionally expect the driver and plug-in to be separate, but not the case here. Very polished. One can control their browser from the Spacemouse as well. Very nice.