"Solved" Assigning Space mouse Enterprise buttons

I have just upgraded from my oldish small 2 buttons space navigator to the Space mouse Enterprise.
Getting the buttons to work in Rhino is challenging.

Q1) how to get the view buttons to work?

Q2) would love some suggestion on which commands to choose for the 12 [app specific] in the display. Yes everyone works differently, I just wish for a base to start from… to later customize these 12 as I get more familiar with the Enterprise device.

[regarding Q1 the right side buttons] Following a few old threads in the forum, I assigned key shortcuts to all the views in Rhino [ currently setting up in the WIP but this shouldn’t be different in 7 …?]
then assigning these keystrokes to the relevant buttons [ F/bk, R/l, T,b ] and it doesn’t work.
I do have [the Fit button] assigned in Rhino Pref
Screen Shot 2021-12-23 at 19.40.32
And this one works. as far as I know this should be enough…? in any case, no other buttons of the Enterprise is flashing in the Rhino pref.

Edit. After a few days of trying I managed to figure out how to map all the buttons.

Thanks a lot