Button mapping not working in Rhino 5 and 3dconnexion 10.5.7


I was wondering if anyone was able to assign regular rhino commands to 3Dconnexion cadmouse or spacemouse. I know it works with Rhino 6 where I can select from a list of all Rhino commands in order to assign them to individual buttons. In Rhino 5 this doesn’t work. All it offers is a single option “Application Use”.
I have no idea what it “Application Use” means and why the list of commands are missing:
Does anyone have a solution. At the very Bottom you can see the button Options in Rhino 6


The button handling in Rhino 5 uses a legacy interface to the 3Dconnexion driver where the commands are assigned in the Rhino options panel and where the plug-in needs to be informed about the buttons that exist on the device(s). One draw back of the old interface is that 3Dconnexion options panel in Rhino 5 only recognizes 3D input device buttons.

Nonetheless, one ought to be able to work around this limitation and create a macro in the 3Dconnexion Properties panel either to a keyboard shortcut or to Rhino command and assign that to a CadMouse button.

(On a side note: The button mapping that is shown for the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless will fill with a text representation of the commands that are assigned in Rhino->Tools->Options->3Dconnexion Buttons if you set keyboard focus to some other application and then back to Rhino 5.)

Hello Markus,

That has been a very helpful description of the V5 functionality