Sun animation "sticking"

I’m trying to use the sun animation tools to get some preliminary shadow studies, so I’m exporting with the RenderPreview. The issue I’m encountering is that the shadows don’t update on some objects in my scene. So for example, if I use the Rhino Sun settings and manually adjust the time of day slider, everything looks great on screen. Then I set a One Day Sun Animation for the same day. When I watch the preview or look through the exported images, the shadows are all wrong.

Anybody encountered this problem before?

Hello - one slightly odd thing about the sun animation tools is that it does not use the sun- it uses its own directional light. So, to record the animation, turn off the sun. Does that look better? I’ll see if we cannot fix this up a bit better.


it would be good to have some preview of the light source in the viewport and perhaps to incorporate sun study dialog box options into the sun panel interface?

Yes! Turning off the sun does make it look better. Thank you, Pascal! Your team is great and I appreciate the super quick responses. I agree with violine, though, that it would be great if the sun animation tool was integrated with the Rhino sun. If it makes it onto the developers’ list, here another idea for a feature: cumulative solar study across a day and a year in false colors; run the animation for multiple saved views at once for multiple days of the year.

I encountered this original problem because I was creating animations and composite still images (overlaying 3-4 images from across a day in Photoshop) for the equinoxes and solstices. Pretty typical. And I was doing it for 4 views of my model. So three days out of the year (equinoxes are the same), 4 views = 12 animations and 12 stills in Photoshop. Then every time we change the design, I’d like to do the same 12 and 12. I’m going to work on a script for it, but this would be a cool built-in feature. :smile: