Sunstudy animation and rdk SUN


I’m running into an issue with the sunstudy animation not resulting in the same sun direction as setting the Rhino Sun.

Below the settings for the RDK sun and the preview:

Note that disabling the daylight saving sets the sun further forward:

However with equal settings for the sun animation I get a position at 12:00 that is off by (about) one/two hours:

Am I being dense and just don’t see what I’m doing wrong, or is either of these suns faulty?


Hi Wiilem- thanks, I’ll test this.

It looks like the animation rendering is the same, here, as the Sun if I disable Daylight Savings in the rdk Sun. Still poking…

No I take it back - at least at 12 Noon, it is quite different.


@Andy are you aware of any issues? Regarding rdk sun and sun study animations?

I’m not aware, but the person who needs to answer this is actually @rajaa

Thanks for the reply! I’ll wait for Rajaa’s info then.

Willem, I just set up a new file with a box and the ground plane. I set the rdk Sun to Here, Seattle and 12 noon, no DST, and rendered, I then set up an animation with the same lat/long, date and time and let it render. I opened both on seprate layers in a Photoshop document and as far as I can see they are identical as far as the shadow goes. I think on the one that seemed to fail last night I accidentally left DST on in the rdk Sun.