Shortcut keys using alt instead of ctrl?

being a long time mastercam user, is it possible to assign short cuts to alt+a key instead of ctrl+ a key? i don’t see it as an option in the list. aside from familiarity, i have a bad left wrist and alt is easier on the hand than ctrl.

Hi Tom- no, there is no way to do this I’m afraid, from Rhino.


bummer, but thanks. i’ll have to make the ctrl key my friend.

You can switch Ctrl and Alt buttons in Windows, but it is a bit of a hack.

This requires a very handy utility called AutoHotKeys. You can get it here:

Then, to your auto-hotkey script add the following:

#IfWinActive, ahk_exe Rhino.exe

This switches only the left and right Ctrl and Alt buttons, and only in Rhino.

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thanks very much for that. now i’m torn. part of me says suck it up and just learn the rhino strokes and in a month i won’t be thinking about it. then also since i’m learning i won’t have to translate any rhino help info. must ponder that.

where does this script get inserted?



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Once you install AutoHotkeys you have a green “H” icon in the tray (right bottom of task bar). Right-click and choose “Edit script”. Paste the stuff I wrote above in the document, save it, the right-click again and say Reload script.

thanks, i will give it a try.