Wish rhino 6

Hi everyone
is-it possible to create à custom shortcut keyboard ?

I have need to create a special shortcut keyboard with ALT+“alphabetic leter”. Similar of controll keyboard in video game. For example I want attribut _Show with “ALT+S” or other letter for rhino command.

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Try in Options . I think there is a list of keyboard shortcuts and you can assign your as well ---- Mark

There are no keyboard shortcuts using “Alt+ a letter” as Alt is used for a lot of other stuff (like toggling Osnaps). You can use:

Ctrl+Letter or F key,
Ctrl+Alt+Letter or F key,
Ctrl+Shift+Letter or F key

  • plus some others.

(Cmd instead of Ctrl for Mac)

Look in Options (Preferences for Mac) >Keyboard. Everyting you can use is in there.



ok thanks for your respnse,

I’ll do with the CTRL key

Xiao ya zi